Scenic and Projection Design

50:13 by Jirèh Breon Holder

Direction Johnathan Majors

  • Lighting Elizabeth Mak

  • Costume Montana Blanco

  • Sound Ian Williams

Scenic Team

  • Technical Direction Kenyth Thomason & Nicholas Vogelpohl

Projections Team

  • Assistant Pornchanok Kanchanabanca

Yale Cabaret 2015

"The audience is seated so as to surround a prison cell which has been placed in the middle of the Cabaret’s small venue, and its members are forced into the uncomfortable position of watching Fowler through bars, illumination coming from two harsh, white lights. Dramatic tension is built into the set: how will the audience penetrate the cell? How will Fowler’s character, Dae Brown, escape it?" Jacob Potash Yale Daily News

Photos by Joey Moro and Rasean Davonte Johnson