Projection Design

BLKS by Aziza Barnes

Direction Nataki Garrett

  • Scenic Sibyl Wickersheimer

  • Lighting Marcus Doshi

  • Costume Trevor Bowen

  • Sound T. Carlis Roberts

Projections Team

  • Associate Pornchanok Kanchanabanca

  • Projectionist Rick Haefele

Steppenwolf Theatre Company 2017

"Sibyl Wickersheimer's set manages to capture the feel of a cramped and seedy three-bedroom apartment without seeming claustrophobic or limiting the action. Along with lighting by Marcus Doshi, projections designed by Rasean Davonte Johnson set the tone and supplement the story, whether showing an excursion to a nightclub or the latest viral video of police brutality." Adelaide Lee Theatre Mania

"The tech aspects of the show are terrific. Sibyl Wickersheimer’s set is very versatile allowing us to be in their apartment and then in a Manhattan club with very little movement of the set pieces. The lighting (Marcus Doshi) and sound (T. Carlis Roberts, who also did the original music) is A-ONE and the projection design (Rasean Davonte Johnson) truly made us feel the Manhattan flavor that I would imagine is exactly what Barnes and Garrett were striving for. It worked!" Alan Bresloff Around the Town Chicago

Photos by Rasean Davonte Johnson and Michael Brosilow