Projection Design

Crowns by Regina Taylor

Direction Regina Taylor

  • Scenic Caite Hevner

  • Lighting Bradley King

  • Costume Emilio Sosa

  • Sound Robert Kaplowitz

Projection Team

  • Assistant Yana Birÿkova

  • Programming Kate Ducey

  • Projectionist Michael 'Skippy' J. Antoniewicz

McCarter Theatre Center│Long Wharf Theatre 2018

It’s a feast for all the senses, with choreography by Dianne McIntyre, colorful costumes by Emilio Sosa, immersive rear projections by Rasean Davonte Johnson, and a glittering set by Caite Hevner — love that staircase to heaven! This is one of those rare shows where you wish it could just go on and on. Bob Brown

'The production makes fine use of projections, which transform the single set from Chicago’s streets, to Mother Shaw’s church, to a South Carolina high school, and much more. Parts of Yolanda’s raps are projected in chalk letters too.' Victoria Weisfeld The Front Row

'While the set design is simple, the graceful stairway at the back of the stage is eye-catching, and Rasean Davonte Johnson’s amazing projections, sometimes street scenes, sometimes banners and lyrics, provide a wealth of visual interest and information.' Donald Brown New Haven Review

'Rasean Davonte Johnson’s complex projections also deserve more praise here than space allows.' Tom Holehan CT Post-Chronicle

'Rasean Davonte Johnson’s projection design is effective in establishing scenic structure and locations, as well as accentuating the development of Yolanda’s character. Images of stained glass windows represent the church setting, while footage of trains considers Yolanda’s physical journey — from Chicago to South Carolina — as well as her spiritual odyssey. The projections also permit the audience to read the comments Yolanda is seen typing on her phone. The other women share their stories and thoughts exclusively in an oral form; letting some of Yolanda’s dialogue appear in written form further accentuates her differences from the other women. It also serves to document her emotional development.' Donald H. Sanborn III Towntopics

Photos by Rasean Davonte Johnson