Projection Design

Cymbeline by William Shakespeare

Direction Evan Yionulous

  • Scenic Jean Kim

  • Lighting Elizabeth Mak

  • Costume Asa Beanally

  • Sound Pornchanok Kanchanabanca

Projections Team

  • Assistant Johnny Moreno

  • Programming Wladimiro A. Woyno R.

  • Visual Effects Supervisor Michael Commendatore

  • Animator Yana Birÿkova

  • Projectionist Michael Hsu

Yale Repertory Theatre 2016│Connecticut Critics Circle Nomination

"Jean Kim's set is an atmospheric eyeful. Four or five levels high, with stairs and windows and arches, it is a work of art in itself, where a palace can be relit and washed with projections to become mountainous terrain with a cave. It's stunning. Projection wizard Rasean Davonte Johnson and lighting magus Elizabeth Mak work wonders. Don't miss the birds flying high above in the clouds when we're introduced to Guiderius and Arviragus. And the ghostly apparitions add uncanny effects..." Donald Brown New Haven Independent

"The play's shifting moods - from comic to tragic to romantic to whatever you might feel when you see a headless corpse - is sustained majestically by Jean Kim's imposing castle-and-ramparts scenic design, the shadowy lighting design of Elizabeth Mak and the subtle, yet eye-catching projections (including flying birds and creepy apparitions) created by Rasean Davonte Johnson." Christopher Arnott Hartfort Courant

"Jean Kim's scenic design deserves nomination for finest scenic design. It included, with marvelous projections (Rasean Davonte Johnson) and imaginative lighting (Elizabeth Mak), a towering castle in Briton, a relaxing pool in a fine house in Rome, private rooms in the castle, a cave in the forest in Wales, a burial spot in the forest, a battlefield. Simply splendid." Tom Nissley Connecticut Critics Circle

"Jean Kim's soaring and brooding stone set with brambles entwining it much as darkness grips this family. Multiple levels allow for intriguing staging and for the use of superb projections designed by Rasean Davonte Johnson. The materialization of some apparitions is one of the most spectacular and wondrous effects, aided by revealing light design by Elizabeth Mak."  Lauren Yarger Journal Inquirer

Photos by Rasean Davonte Johnson and Joey Moro