Projection Design

Djembe! The Show

Direction West Hyler

  • Scenic Todd Rosenthal

  • Lighting Zach Blane

  • Costume Montana Levi Blanco

  • Sound Ray Nardelli

projections team

  • Associate Michael Commendatore

  • Assistant Judy K. Suh

  • Programming Parker Langvardt

  • Projectionist Steve Labedz

Apollo Theatre 2019

“Rasean Davonte Johnson’s projection design was beautiful. With abstract movement projected during the beginning sequences the vague colors transition into a historical stock imagery collage sequence. As if you took a thought out of the sky to examine it and upon further study start to find the lines and small details that it reveals. The timeline throughout history of this abstract concept of a beat, of music. Between the scenic design and projections is a combination in nautical elements and tropical coloring mixed together through the sands of time.” Mary Crylen Chicago Stage Standard

Photos by Rasean Davonte Johnson, Liz Lauren, and Michael Commendatore