Projection Design

La Ruta by Isaac Gomez

Direction Sandra Marquez

  • Scenic Regina Garcia

  • Lighting Jesse Klug

  • Costume Christine Pascual

  • Sound Mikhail Fiskel

Projections Team

  • Assistant Michael Commendatore

  • Programming Pornchanok Kanchanabanca

  • Projectionist Rick Haefele

Steppenwolf Theatre Company 2018

“La Ruta features live music throughout—sung by the cast and led by Lara Crotte on guitar—as well as masterfully kinetic projections designed by Rasean Davonte Johnson. These elements help bring out the show’s surreal dimensions.” Alex Huntsberger TimeOut Chicago

“Projections designed by Rasean Davonte Johnson color in the psyche of the women of Juárez and Regina Garcia’s set, the effect of which is of strikingly powerful.” Hannah Herrera Greenspan ReScripted

“The design elements underscore LA RUTA's chilling subject matter. Regina García's set design is anchored downstage by a number of delicate pink crosses, representing the missing women….Rasean Davonte Johnson's projections allow audiences to easily navigate the play's time jumps and also underscore the reality of the story LA RUTA tells.” Rachel Weinberg Broadway World

Rasean Davonte Johnson’s projection design, dominated by real-life photos of missing women, makes for haunting imagery. Lauren Emily Whalen Chicago Theatre Beat

Photos by Rasean Davonte Johnson and Michael Brosilow