Projection Design

Labour of Love by James Graham

Direction Leora Morris

  • Scenic Daniel Etttinger

  • Lighting Jesse Belsky

  • Costume Sarah Cubbage

  • Sound Sarah O’Halloran

Projections Team

  • Assistant Paul Diezel

  • Projectionist Ryan Gravett

The Olney Theatre Center 2018

“All of director Leora Morris’s cast acts with “West Wing” energy on Daniel Ettinger’s small rotating set, a grubby office that becomes a sophisticated wall of video images (by Rasean Davonte Johnson) during transitions that sweep the story back several years at a time.”  Nelson Pressley The Washington Post

“Director Leora Morris takes advantage of not only Graham’s witty script and her sterling cast, but the realistic scenic design by Daniel Ettinger to transport the characters and the audience through the time bending story. Ettinger’s detailed designs were punctuated by the eclectic and dynamic projection work by Rasean Davonte Johnson.” Jeffery Walker DC Theatre Scene

“Sarah Cubbage's costumes (especially for Klein) and Jesse Belsky's lighting design are spot on and Rasean Davonte Johnson's all-encompassing projections immerse the audience in BBC election night coverage.” Susan Berlin Talkin’ Broadway

Photos by Teresa Castracane