Scenic Design

Little Rock by Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj

Direction Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj

  • Lighting Anshuman Bhatia & Jennifer Hill

  • Costume Lesile Bernstein

  • Sound Lindsay Jones

  • Projection Wendall K. Harrington

Scenic Team

  • Assistant Roslyn Palmer

  • Technical Direction Ian McDonald

  • Props Master Kate Lundell

  • Scene Shop Tom Carroll Scenery

The Sheen Center│Harvey Butler│Rebel Theatrical Management, LLC 2018

"Rasean Davonte Johnson's set has a superb simulation of the front facade of Little Rock Central High School as well as its plain institutional interiors. Leslie Bernstein whipped up a wardrobe that mirrors the late 50s in the South. The cast, in fact, look like they have stepped right out of an archival photograph taken during the Little Rock Crisis."  Deirdre Donovan CurtainUp

"Rasean Davonte Johnson’s unit setting with its banks of stairs makes copious use of Wendall K. Harrington’s projection design for the many locations in the city of Little Rock, inside and outside of the school and the homes of the participants, as well as historical footage of the events and the people." Victor Gluck TheatreScene

"Maharaj's production is simple and effective: Rasean Davonte Johnson's unobtrusive set conjures the institutional bricks of almost any American high school, while Leslie Bernstein's costumes vitally help to distinguish characters. Wendell K. Harrington's projections of newspaper front pages from the era provide important context about how these events were perceived at the time." Zachary Stewart Theatre Mania

Photos by Rasean Davonte Johnson