Scenic and Projection Design

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein by Manual Cinema

Direction Drew Dir

  • Lighting Claire Chrzan

  • Costume Meika van der Ploeg

  • Sound Kyle Vegter and Ben Kauffman

Scenic Team

  • Associate Alyssa Mohn

  • Technical Direction Chris Walls

  • Props Master Lara Musard

  • Scene Shop Means of Production

Projection Team

  • Assistant Pornchanok Kanchanabanca

  • Projectionist Sarah Ramos

Manual Cinema│Court Theatre 2018│Joseph Jefferson Award Nomination

“With scenic/projection designer Rasean Davonte Johnson and costume designer Mieka van der Ploeg, the look on stage is steam-punk-meets-sci-fi, a dream world of a futuristic past. Claire Chrzan’s lighting design is also paramount: Minus her painterly blend of form and function, the all-important cinematic feel of “Frankenstein” would vanish.” Catey Sullivan Chicago Sun-Times

“This is a show that will be viewed from different perspectives; the overhead screens, the puppeteers working with overhead projectors and light boxes, the musicians moving from instrument to instrument, the actors working in a variety of places on stage. The set design by Rasean Davonte Johnson and lighting design by Claire Chrzan encourage the audience to explore the  many facets of the production as they watch.” Michael Horn Around the Town Chicago

 “Set and projection designer Davonte Johnson does beautiful, intricate and evocative work throughout.” Loren Novek Exeunt NYC

Photos by Rasean Davonte Johnson and Michael Brosilow