Pannier Park: Sculptural Burlesque

A visual study of the revolution from the perspective of three women in three stages.

The Aviary: this peasant woman stands in a cage.  She is on display, with her two puppet birds harassing her legs, setting the tone for the other pieces-- the intro piece.  She causes us to examine the structure of pannier, and well as the inhibiting factors.  She represents the arrogance of the aristocracy.

The Puppet Theatre:  In a virginal white dress, she stands like a princess, as much on display as the Aviary.

The Shadow Woman. The epilogue.  She strips her period garments, revealing more and more modern shapes as she does.  Around her, footage of revolutions from all eras plays.  She is Marie Antoinette, ignorant of the chaos of revolution. 

Collaborators: The Catharsis Junkies

Double Door Spring 2011