Sound and Projection Design

Smart People by Lydia Diamond

Direction Summer L. Williams

  • Scenic and Lighting Tyler M. Perry

  • Costume Lisa L. Boquist

Sound and Projections Team

  • Associate Christopher Ross-Ewert

The Kitchen Theatre│Geva Theatre Center 2017│SALT Award Nomination

"Scenic and lighting designer Tyler M. Perry has worked closely with projection and sound designer Rasean Davonte Johnson to create a minimalist set that becomes a hospital, a clinic, an office, a bedroom, a dining room, a lecture hall, and more. Projections are used intentionally, and accompanied by sound to enhance the metaphors they contain." Leah Stacy City Newspaper

"The rear wall of the stage was a backdrop of a collection of screens of different sizes and rectangular shapes set at right angles to each other – blue theme as well. These were used for projections that were expertly masked and focused – a technical feat. Both the projection and sound design, strong elements of the production, were expertly executed by Rasean Davonte Johnson, adding needed dimension to this relatively static, heavily scripted show...Tyler M Perry’s lighting and stage design coordinated very well with the projection and sound design – good collaboration there." Ed Cohn Bed and Breakfast of Greater Ithaca

"Rasean Davonte Johnson’s use of sound and silence in the play is brilliant. Overwhelming static and jarring incomprehensible background noise reinforces the difficulty of communicating with others in meaningful ways when the interference is incessant. In contrast, Barack Obama’s calm, steady voice and simple message of hope emerges from the chaos like a lifeline tossed to a drowning man." Sue Henninger Tompkins Weekly

Photos by Rasean Davonte Johnson and Julia Pacheco-Cole