Projection Design

The Burn by Phillip Dawkins

Direction Devon de Mayo

  • Scenic Courtney O'Neill

  • Lighting Heather Sparling

  • Costume Melissa Ng

  • Sound Sarah Ramos

Projections Team

  • Associate Michael Commendatore

  • Assistant Judy K. Suh

  • Projectionist Rick Haefele

Steppenwolf For Young Audiences 2018│Chicago Theatre Award Winner

"Gorgeous projection design by Rasean Davonte Johnson is instrumental in creating the mixed “IRL” and digital environment the play takes place in, with elegant and complicated montages of Instagram searches, Facebook comments, memes, and more representing the steady stream of social media content the characters consume and contribute to." Jessie Bond Splash Magazine

"The Burn is a concentrated 90-minute depiction of Web-wicked bullying and the human wreckage that results. And it’s staged with appropriate sensory overload by Devon de Mayo, with projections by Rasean Davonte Johnson that cunningly contrast screens and souls." Lawrence Boomer Stage and Cinema

Photos by Rasean Davonte Johnson and Michael Brosilow