Scenic and Projection Design

The House of the Spirits by Caridad Svich

Direction Celia Madeoy

  • Lighting Charlie Hill

  • Costume Emily Libertore

  • Sound Jon Herter

Scenic Team

  • Associate Roslyn Palmer

  • Assistant Marissa Reagan

  • Technical Direction Rebecca Schuetz

Projection Team

  • Assistant Jonanathan Hayes

  • Programming Aria Sivick

Syracuse University 2017

 "Framed by a stunning single set with a variety of locations within it, the play tells the story of a single family with representatives from three generations often appearing simultaneously. Given the creative use of space, with locations separated by translucent scrims of materials, some of the play's intentional obscurity is tamed, rendering it less confusing than it may sound... Rasean Davonte Johnson's evocative scenic design, replete with eerie window curtain movement and stunning wall projections, delineating growing intensity within the family as well as the outer society, is, alone, worth the price of admission."  Tony Curulla

Photos by Rasean Davonte Johnson and Mike Davis