Projection Design

The Master and Margarita adapted by Edward Kemp

Direction Sarah Holdren

  • Scenic Christopher Thompson

  • Lighting Andrew F. Griffin

  • Costume Fabian F. Aguilar

  • Sound Sinan Zafar

Projections Team

  • Assistant Yana Birÿkova

  • Programming Michael Commendatore

  • Animator Shawn Boyle

  • Projectionist Joey Brennan

Yale School of Drama 2014

'The Master and Margarita displays the finesse of its large cast and perhaps even more so the technical talent brought to bear on this lively phantasmagoria: Fabian Fidel Aguilar's splendid costumes, Andrew F. Griffin's artful lighting, Sinan Zafar's effective score and work in sound, the projections by Rasean Davonte Johnson that transform the backdrop into various illustrative settings-Yalta complete with flying geese, or glimpses of Objectivist art become illustrative-and Christopher Thompson's scenic design creates distinct spaces with both vertical and horizontal interest-such as a rotating stage matched with a hanging hoop-while the use of various points of entrance and exit from above, the sides, and at the back, makes the space team with energy.' - DONALD BROWN New Haven Review

Photos by T. Charles Erickson and Rasean Davonte Johnson