Projection Design

The Stone Witch by Shem Bitterman

Direction Steve Zuckerman

  • Scenic Yael Pardess

  • Lighting Shawn Edward Boyle

  • Costume Mimi Maxmen

  • Sound Christopher Cronin

Projections Team

  • Associate Michael Commendatore

  • Illustrations Yael Pardess

  • Projectionist Brendan Doyle

Berkshire Theatre Group│Kaplin Entertainment│Brierpatch Productions 2016

"The script dramatizes Simon’s subconscious fears illustrating them by the use of grotesque projections that encompass the stage.  They are the most theatrical elements of the show.  The projections designed by Rasean Davonte Johnson are the most artistic, most beautiful and most frightening part of the show." Macy Levin Berkshire on Stage and Screen

"The scenic design by Yael Pardess is a large airy cabin with huge windows that showcase fantastic projections by Rasean Davonte Johnson. The projections move us rapidly from a skyline outside Clair's office to the forest leaves, illustrations, and monsters of Simon's life." Gloria Miller CurtainUp

"The real star of this productions is the scrim at the back of the stage. The stage set we're looking at is fairly ordinary; a couch and chair, an easel, a wastebasket that's more like a small packing crate. Behind this back wall of this rustic room, made of a sheer curtain on which is projected worlds both inner and outer. We see trees, a path to a swimming hole, the New York Skyline. But there are also Simon's scribbles, and the memories and terrors that feed his art: World War II when he was a child, the place where the wild things are, the Stone Witch herself." Berkshire View Staff The Berkshire Review

"The most compelling aspect of the production design is the (projection) which variously depict the Manhattan skyline for Clair's editors office, the woods surrounding Simon's studio, and, the most critical to the narrative, drawings executed by both Simon and Peter. It is only until the final, harrowing projection of what emerges from Peter's head onto his drawing board do we learn why he should have been more careful about what he had wished for." Dan Dwyer OFF SCRIPT

Photos by Rasean Davonte Johnson