Projection Design

Thurgood by George Stevens jr

Direction Lou Bellamy

  • Scenic Vicki Smith

  • Lighting Don Darnutzer

  • Costume Casey McNamara

  • Sound Justin Ellington

Projections Team

  • Assistant Kate Ducey

  • Projectionist Derek Madonia

Geva Theatre Center 2018

“The audience becomes eyewitness to a history lesson that’s set at Howard University in Washington, D.C., where Marshall earned his law degree. We become his “students,” and with the aid of black-and-white visual projections and a few sound effects, the famous alumnus delivers a life-changing lecture that indeed does his story justice.” Marcia Placito Morphy Democrate & Chronicle

“Set design by Vicki Smith is simple upon first glance -- a floor-to-ceiling Constitution backdrop and judge's chamber with conference table, chairs, lectern, and coatrack. But the backdrop quickly transforms to a screen, where Rasean Davonte Johnson's projection designs are featured, including historical film, photo stills, and a rainy night. Sound design by Justin Ellington plays an important role as well, as it is the only other auditory element aside from Purry's voice. Weather, music, old radio announcements, and recorded court cases all add depth to the production.” Leah Stacy City Newspaper

Photos by Rasean Davonte Johnson and Goat Factory Media Entertainment