Co - Projection Design

tick, tick....BOOM by Johnathan Larson

Direction Adam Pelty

  • Scenic Ann Davis

  • Lighting Greg Hoffmann

  • Costume Jesus Perez

  • Sound Joseph Fosco

Projections Team

  • Designer│Lead Projectionist Rasean Davonte Johnson

  • Designer│Lead Animator Anna Henson

Porchlight Music Theatre Co. @ Stage 773 2012

"Pelty, with the help of set designer Ann Davis and videographers Anna Henson and Rasean Davonte Johnson, who have put together one of the best video-oriented designs I've ever seen off-Loop, carefully play up the way life has changed, and not changed, since 1990. Pelty and his designers use their admirably subtle digital palette to sweep, just a little, backward and forward in time, showing how we all spark and fizzle in our moment." Chris Jones Chicago Tribune 

"Director Adam Pelty keeps things simple, but also has done the smart thing by partnering with Anna Henson and Rasean Davonte Johnson to develop a series of eye-popping projections that powerfully punctuate the story. Together, this team drives home the tragedy of losing a talent at his prime through a simple yet powerful framing device. Stunning stuff." Robert Bullen Huffington Post

"...the production's finest design element is the projection design by Anna Henson and Rasean Davonte Johnson which adds tremendously to the texture and story-telling of the evening" David Zak Chicago Stage Style 

"The story is smartly framed by Anna Henson and Rasean Davonte Johnson's projections showing the skyline and subways of New York, photos of Larson as a child, and the chilling image of a digital clock ticking away the life of a gifted young composer who died young yet left an enduring legacy." Albert Williams Chicago Reader

Photos by Anna Henson