Projection Design

Vietgone by Qui Nguyen

Direction Lavina Jadhwani

  • Scenic Yu Shibagaki

  • Lighting Sarah Hughey

  • Costume Melissa Ng

  • Sound Kevin O'Donnell

Projections Team

  • Assistant Michael Commendatore

  • Programming Parker Langvardt

  • Projectionist Amanda Hosking

Writers Theatre 2018

"This is, in the end, the story of love triumphing over despair...Jadhwani (and the projections designer, Rasean Davonte Johnson) makes all the epic implications of this story clear." Chris Jones Chicago Tribune

“The set design (Yu Shibagaki) lays the perfect canvas for one of the smartest projection designs I’ve been privileged to witness (Rasean Davonte Johnson).” Emma Couling ReScripted

"Rasean Davonte Johnson’s projection designs make a significant atmospheric contribution to the show’s mood and narrative." Dan Zeff Chicagoland Theatre Reviews

"A kind of whimsy -- evident in an over-the-top, ninja fight scene that unfolds like a combination professional wrestling match and superhero adventure film -- underscores "Vietgone." Rap songs, set to music by Gabriel Ruiz, punctuate the action which unfolds on Yu Shibagaki's austere, barracks-style set. Its walls provide the backdrop for Rasean Davonte Johnson's striking projections." Babara Vitello Daily Herald

Photos by Rasean Davonte Johnson and Michael Brosilow