Projection Design

Wit by Margaret Edson

Direction Marti Lyons

  • Scenic Courtney O'Neill

  • Lighting Michael Stanfill

  • Costume Christine Pascual

  • Sound Kevin O'Donnell

Projections Team

  • Assistant Pornchanok Kanchanabanca

  • Projectionist Chris Owens

The Hypocrites 2017

"there is Courtney O’Neill’s sterling set design, which surrounds the stage with hospital curtains and, with Michael Stanfill’s lighting and Rasean Davonte Johnson’s projections, creates the distinct impression of a cold hospital climate... and there are moments that combine all those elements into what can only be described as theater bliss – I’m thinking of a moment, halfway through the play, when Bearing describes her commanding presence as a professor, and how she would teach one of Donne’s Holy Sonnets. A projection of the sonnet appears across a hospital curtain, highlighting various lines of poetry as Bearing lectures. And then, as her lecture reaches its crescendo, the text splinters, coating Bearing and the stage in Donne’s beautiful words." Peter Thomas Ricci Chicago Theatre Review

"Scenic designer Courtney O’Neill places the audience squarely in the middle of the action: the hospital where Vivian will meet her end. Everything from the floors to the curtains, to the sterile whiteness, is exactly correct, and Rasean Davonte Johnson’s projection design adds a lovely and nuanced layer." Lauren Emily Whalen Chicago Theatre Beat

"Director Marti Lyons stages Wit in the round, and has diversely cast the production with a top-notch ensemble to emphasize the universality of the play's end-of-life themes. Lovely production flourishes come in the form of Michael Stanfill's often antiseptic lighting design and Rasean Davonte Johnson's throbbing projections of Donne's poetry."  Scott C. Morgan Windy City Times

"As with the staging, though, Stanfill's design is not merely practical. In conjunction with Kevin O'Donnell's Sound Design and Rasean Davonte Johnson's stunning projections, it facilitates some of the play's most heartbreakingly beautiful dramatic moments." Christine Malcom EdgeMedia Network

Photos by Rasean Davonte Johnson